Pregnancy May Be Addicting…

It’s a funny thing about pregnancy and labor. When you’re going through it (at least for me) it wasn’t very fun, but then afterwards you miss it.

After I gave birth to my son, I was so relieved not to be pregnant anymore! I don’t miss the worry I felt the entire time–Is he ok? Is he going to have a birth defect? What if something goes wrong?–or the awful hip pain I had. But I do miss his little body moving around inside my belly, the excitement and anticipation of it all, and the miracle growing inside me.

What I miss most is the actual labor part. I won’t say labor was fun! But it was just such an unknown adventure and the anticipation leading up to FINALLY meeting my baby was just crazy.

And the pushing! Oh the pushing. Imagine being constipated/feeling like you have a piece of poop coming out of your butt that won’t move! Most. Uncomfortable. Feeling. Ever. But I miss it! I must be nuts. I seriously felt like a rock star after giving birth. I’m still so proud and glad that my body did everything it was supposed to do, and that I was able to deliver my baby without having a C-section (he was kind of a big boy, so they kept saying it might come to that!).

Now I might be a little obsessed with my pregnant friends and labor. Every time someone goes into labor it brings me back to when I was in labor myself, and I just know what they must be going through and how amazing it can be.

When we left the hospital I said I wasn’t going to be back for a lonnnnnnnng time, but now I think I want to have another very soon! It won’t happen though, as my husband and I have a plan for when we want to try again, but I look forward to when it does. If it does. I hope it does. I am grateful that it has happened once, if it turns out to be my only time. ❤


love being preggo