Running A Mile

Before I had my baby I was a runner. I could always (even after a winter of barely running) finish a 5K, running the whole way. I ran races and won my age group in most of them.

When I got pregnant, I continued to run, but around 18-20 weeks began to have very bad pelvic pain. It would hurt very badly to walk/move the rest of the day after a run. I had to eventually stop running shortly after that, and went the rest of my pregnancy just going to the gym and weight training with some cardio on the elliptical.

Fast forward to a couple months postpartum, I attempt my first run.

I can’t even make it a mile without having to stop! Fine, I think, it’s just because it’s my first time out. I try again and again. Same thing.

I had signed up for my first 5K race shortly after giving birth, thinking, I could always run a 5K in the past! I’ll be fine! It was also on mothers day so of course I thought it would be so cute for me to run my first race as a mother on mothers day. Yeah. Real cute. Having to stop and walk SEVERAL times (I NEVER walked in a race!), AND stop at the water station. I finished with a time of 34 minutes. My slowest race ever. I was discouraged, but I really hadn’t trained much (only running about 4 times, and never completing more than 1.5 miles straight). I should have known.

Pregnancy has taken a bigger toll on my body than I thought. This past weekend I went running with my sister and had to stop after a half mile. I mean really? How is this even possible?! I COULD ALWAYS RUN! I was never one of those people who despised running and thought a mile was a long distance. Now I am.

I signed up for my first half marathon shortly after signing up for my first postpartum 5K (again, a bit overzealous). I thought I’d need it to get back in shape (skinny) after having the baby, but as it turns out I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant (thank you, breastfeeding!). How the crap am I going to train for this when I can’t even find time to train for a 5K?! I’m going to need to find time during the week—after working all day, being up several times to feed an infant, being starving and tired when I get home (breastfeeding/pumping takes a lot out of me!), needing to feed the baby and put him to bed—to run at least 3-5 miles, and run longer distances on the weekends. I’m in trouble!

Should be an interesting journey, and this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.