Sleething (Sleep + Teething) and Our Fur Baby

We have a tooth! No longer a gummy bear. Baby boy has been drooling A TON so we knew it was coming. When we picked him up from daycare and they told us he had one, we were still surprised because I hadn’t seen any other signs of it.

Just another sign that he is growing up right before our eyes. And it looks like another one is coming right next to it. Uhg. Can’t he just stay my little baby forever?

Progress was also made in the sleep department. We took another road trip up to NY for a wedding this past weekend and he slept through the night ALL 3 NIGHTS!! He also slept through the first night we got home. I thought we had reached a HUGE milestone, but, alas, last night he woke at 1:45am. Sigh. At least it was only once.

In other news, our first baby (Roni, the Australian shepherd) has REALLY bad anxiety ever since about the first or second month we had baby boy home. He does this weird nibble thing on all the couch and bed pillows/cushions/mattress, toys, basically anything available that is squishy. It’s very strange. We try to say “No!” and “Stop!” and even just call his name while he does it but it’s as if he is in a trance! He just keeps doing it until we physically pull him away. I’m pretty sure he is just starved for attention and misses being the only baby.

It doesn’t look as if it will get any better. We should probably take him to the vet. We feel like bad [dog] parents. He definitely does not get as much attention as he used to. Poor pup! I’ve thought about getting another dog so he has someone to play with. Friends have said this would help. I just need to convince my husband! 😀