Real Truths About Parenting in NY

I’m going to go ahead and say this: parenting in the south (or someplace warm) is easier than parenting in the north. I am allowed to say this, because I’ve done both.

In the south you have to worry about bundling up for maybe a month or so out of the year. And by bundling up I mean heavy coat, hats, gloves, and boots. The full gamut. Up north, you have to bundle up for at least 5 MONTHS. It’s freaking cold up here.

Putting your child into a car seat bundled up like that is a) not recommended by safety professionals and b) a pain in the you know what, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to bring my child out when it’s 3 degrees and put him into a freezing cold car without a coat on. I’m sorry, but those videos you see on YouTube about car seat safety show a dummy child in a car seat with the chest buckle down by his waist and the straps adjusted to fit a grown man. Of course the child is going to fly right on out of there!

And I’m only talking about my toddler. With the baby I had to get a special insert for the car seat that was basically an insulated sleeping bag. I did not have to worry about any of this when I lived in the south! If you forgot to put a coat on your kid in January, fine. It would probably warm up to 60 degrees in a couple hours anyway. Up here, no coat in January means your child is freezing, probably going to get sick, and a potential call from Child Protective Services because what responsible mother would ever let her child out like that?!


It also takes longer to get dressed. Layers of clothing plus all the accouterments means it takes 20 minutes to leave the house instead of 5. It also means, MORE LAUNDRY! When its warm, kid laundry gets cut wayyy down, especially since the baby can just hang out in a diaper a lot of the time.

Which brings me to my next point. Now that it’s finally warmed up enough to spend more than 6 seconds outside without getting frostbite, we can play outside! And let me tell you, after a couple hours of running around the yard my kid is TIRED. He comes inside and TAKES AN ACTUAL NAP! The likes of which we haven’t seen all winter. It’s glorious. There’s also so much more to do when the weather is nice, and tired kids = happy mamas.

Don’t get me wrong, kids love playing in the snow. Sometimes I don’t even think my kid can feel cold temperatures, but kids need supervision, and I do not want to watch my child build a snow fort when I can’t even feel my own face. Sorry, kids. Mommy’s chilly.

And lastly, sleep. When you have a baby you aren’t allowed to use blankets due to the suffocation risk, so when it is cold and your baby’s room is the coldest one in the house, sleep doesn’t come easy! There were many nights our baby would wake and I would go in his room and his hands and face would be freezing cold. I tried a sleep sack and one of those things that looks like a flying squirrel suit, but he didn’t care for them. It’s much easier to sleep when it’s nice and warm.

So basically what it comes down to is the weather. Warmer weather makes things a lot easier. Period. Mothers of the cold north, UNITE!


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