Life with TWO

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, and SURPRISE! I now have two sons. Life is crazier than ever. Since my last post we’ve had a baby, moved to a new state and into a new house, and have new jobs. 2016 was STRESSFUL!

We welcomed baby boy #2 in November. Things started a little rocky. He was jaundiced and very grunty/gassy for the first several weeks, but once we passed that phase he’s been wonderful! He is seriously the happiest baby, and has been a pretty great sleeper! I’m not sure if he’s actually a good sleeper, or that he’s the second kid and I’m just too damn tired to wake up and tend to him as soon as he makes a little noise, but sleep seems much more plentiful this time around!

Our first child hasn’t totally warmed up to him yet. I think he was hoping to have someone to play with, and when he saw this squishy little immobile being he wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’m confident they will be best buddies once our new little guy starts walking.

When I had my first child, I was honestly scared I wouldn’t love him as much as I loved MY DOG! Then once I got pregnant again, I had the same fears only that I wouldn’t love the baby as much as my first. It all seems silly now, but these were real fears! Now I know love just expands and there’s plenty to go around.

Having two kids is also a lot different than having one. There’s way less time and a lot more to do! Laundry is a never-ending battle, and other housework is basically a joke. If you come over to my house and there aren’t Legos on every surface or dog hairballs in every corner, consider it a good day. Our toddler really likes us to play with him (and if you don’t play with him, he will make an even bigger mess), and the baby isn’t super tolerable of the carrier, so cleaning is a real battle. Don’t judge us!

Also, I now have two BOYS. My toddler is 100% non-stop. I am slightly hopeful that boy #2 will be less energetic, but from what I hear that’s just how boys are. I love it though, and while I do enjoy relaxing and down time, I really think I was destined to be a boy mom.

When I leave the house in the morning to head to work/drop the kids at daycare I leave with no less than SIX BAGS: my lunch, toddler lunch, pump bag, my purse, toddler backpack, and a cooler of breastmilk. I also have to carry the baby in the carseat. My arms should really be more toned at this point! It’s ridiculous.

I know I complained about the gym when baby #1 came along, but I honestly don’t think I will ever have a gym membership again. There’s just not enough time to go to the gym when I have two kids and work 8-5 every day. Once it gets warmer/lighter out in the mornings I hope to start at least running again. I do have a 5K race this weekend that I am not at all prepared for, so at least there’s that. I also do yoga at home occasionally. But Yoga at the gym in a nice quiet studio with ambient music playing is MUCH different than YouTube Yoga with a toddler building/crashing a tower next to your head, a baby starting to get hungry, and a dog who WILL NOT LEAVE YOU THE HELL ALONE! I just want to do downward dog without getting my face licked. Why is life so hard?!


I hope to find more time/energy to write more as it is a great outlet. And to the parents with MORE than 2 kids, you are my heroes. Especially if you are doing it as a single parent and even more so if you work full time. Parenting is tough, but so so so incredibly rewarding.



Jack Ryan Sinko

November 10, 2016

9lbs 13oz 22″



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