Are You There Sanity? It’s Me, Mom.

I’ve been on hiatus lately. It just seems like everything is moving at warp speed, and before I know it I haven’t written in months!

Things are changing, and they’re changing fast.

Our once happy, hungry, sound-sleeping little boy has taken a 180, and it’s really been quite disastrous. A month or two (or three?) ago he became a picky eater. Which I guess is fine since it’s mostly just during dinner. Maybe he’s tired from a long day at daycare, and they tell us he eats well when he’s there, so we cut him some slack. Anything to avoid another meltdown/more food thrown to the dog/floor than into his mouth.

And that’s just it. The meltdowns. We are picking our battles these days, and winning few of them. At 20 months, our son is well on his way to the “terrible twos.”

You gave me a yogurt when I clearly wanted oranges? SCREAM!

I am telling you I want to go outside, yet you are forcing me to put shoes on? SCREAM! CRY!

I want to throw my toys into the trash bin, and you say I can’t? SCREAM! CRY! BANG HEAD ON FLOOR!

I’m sorry, sweetheart. How awful of me to not yet understand all of your toddler speak, be a mind reader, or want you to get hurt. Clearly you know what is best for you better than I!

And then there’s bedtime. The time my husband and I both dread the most. We had a good routine: bath, stories, a quick cuddle/song, and into bed still awake. He would fall asleep on his own a short time later. No screaming, no crying, maybe just a little whine and off he went.

These days? You would think his crib was actually a tank filled with sharp objects or electric wires! Any motion towards the thing and he screams bloody murder until you leave the room with him. It takes multiple attempts and tactics to calm him down enough to get back into his bedroom, where we then have to rock him and sing to him until he is FULLY asleep before placing him in his crib. If he is the slightest bit awake and you try to put him in there, FORGET IT! Back to square one.

Don’t even think about letting him cry it out. He is far too big for that. He will scream and cry at the top of his lungs and then climb, head first, right out of the crib and onto the floor, where he will scream some more. It is exhausting, and there’s no telling what kind of night it will be. His normal bedtime used to be around 7:30-8pm, and now we’re lucky if he is asleep by 9. There have been a couple nights where he didn’t fall asleep/calm down until almost 11. Just recently he’s been up in the middle of the night too, suddenly realizing he is trapped in the shark tank and must escape!

So yes, I realize it may be time for the toddler bed, as this has been going on for over a week. It’s just that the internet has told me it’s best to wait until a child is closer to 3 years old, so I needed validation (from everyone else besides Google) that it is, in fact, time to make the move.

Today is Wednesday, and we are going to wait until Friday to go for it. While this may mean a couple more nights of rocking and consoling, it also might mean a couple less nights of getting out of bed multiple times, as I have heard the first few nights in a new bed can be a challenge. It also gives us a couple more days to finish baby-proofing.

Again, things are changing. They always are. Just when you think you’re mastering the parenting game, something new comes along to put you back on the amateur train.

It’s stressful, and it’s tiring, and it’s a hard dose of reality, but we’ll get there. Luckily we aren’t the first people on earth to get thrown into the realms of parenthood, and there’s plenty of advice (warranted or not) and encouragement out there.

I’ll be sure to give an update on how the bed transition goes, and please feel free to share your stories of head-banging reality checks with everyone willing to listen. We all need to hear it. I mostly get by these days with reading blog posts and web forums of other moms going through exactly what I am, so I hope this post is of some help to someone out there. Heck, it may even make some moms think “wow, at least my kid isn’t that bad off!” and to you I say, piss off! 🙂

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