My (half) Week As A Single Mom: Day 4

Well, I survived another episode of “Life As A Single Mom.”

To be honest, the worst part was dealing with the dog! We have an Australian Shepherd, and he is SUPER needy.  This has been elevated since The Bear came into our lives, and he went from spoiled only child to house plant. His name has recently changed from Roni (pronounced roe-knee) to “Erroneous” because he’s been getting into trouble.  Since I wasn’t able to devote equal attention to both him and The Bear, he was acting out by barking, humping, whining, you name it. He also doesn’t understand that he can’t play tug with my son without yanking him across the room!

So basically all my previous stats are pretty much moot and things ended up as such:

Annoyance level: 10 out of 10

Times the dog made The Bear cry: At least 5x/day

Days the dog went without a play session: 3 out of 4 (maybe 2.5 if throwing a dog toy in anger several times in a row just to get him out of my face counts)

Baby toys destroyed:  2

Nights the dog slept on the floor: 0, because let’s be honest, at the end of the day, he is still dang cute and I love that little furball! (He does not stay on the bed all night, however. Usually only for 20-30 minutes, but always STARTS on the bed.)

I love you, mom!

I love you, mom!


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