My [half] Week As A Single Mom: Day 1

My first full day was ok. I’m glad I opted to take a shower last night, because, as expected, little bear was up at 6 ready to go. Luckily he wasn’t as needy as he usually is in the mornings and let me put him down long enough to get dressed.

Schools were closed because it was too cold, and usually his daycare doesn’t open when schools are closed. They made an exception, though, because schools have been closed since Tuesday, and I think some other parents needed to get back to work! Since kids don’t have to wait at a bus stop to get to daycare, I think it was a wise decision, and I’m glad I didn’t have to use a valuable vacation day to stay home. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a day at home with my son, but when vacation time is limited, I’d rather save it for another day. (side note: my husband is a teacher, so Tuesday and Wednesday he was off with our son while daycare was closed.)

The hardest part of the day was the drive home from daycare. I forgot to bring an extra snack, so he was starving/screaming on the ride home. I had to throw him in the high chair as soon as we got home and get dinner going. I was able to stall with Cheerios and pieces of string cheese while I was heating things up.

Here’s how day 1 fared:

Exhaustion level: 8 by days end

Tonight’s dinner: grilled chicken strips, carrots, and string cheese

Did he eat it?! only the string cheese. The rest was chewed then spit out. I think texture is a problem for him.

Post-dinner playtime moment: FaceTime with dad. It was happy at first, but then little bear broke down crying after a few minutes. I think because he missed dad 😦

Tantrums: 1, when I wouldn’t let him brush his hear with a food covered spoon.

Rooms cleaned: 0

Loads of laundry: 0

Bed time for bear: 7:15

Bed time for mom: 9:15

TGIF and I don’t have to worry about showering for 2 days!!


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