My [half] Week As A Single Mom: Night 1

Well, it’s that time again. I am about to embark on another (½) week as a single mom (see My Week As A Single Mom series). It shouldn’t be too bad, as it is only 4 days, but still tiring nonetheless.

I’m already planning on taking a shower at night instead of the morning since my son has been routinely waking at 6am these days. My husband usually occupies him while I get myself ready for work and then we switch off so he can do the same, but that won’t be an option. I also won’t be able to get in my morning workout since, again, my son will wake up and have no one to tend to him.

A side project of ours is building cornhole boards, and we have an order in place for a set of those (if you don’t know what cornhole is). My husband was able to build them before he left. He does the building, I do the painting, so I need to find time to paint them while he is gone too. This set’s theme: LSU and New Orleans Saints! I’m banking on long naps and warmer weather (have to paint outside on the back porch—no garage) to accomplish this as they need them by next weekend! Tomorrow’s high temp: 17 degrees.

Should be fun! At least I only have to work 2 of the 4 days, so showering doesn’t need to be a priority half of the time.

This time around our son is a little older, so I’ll (hopefully) get peed/pooped on and woken up at night a little less. The tallies will be different this time as I’ll be battling making dinner (I get home from work at 5:30, he’s starving, and also picky, plus I’m tired), tantrums, and time.

Here’s the stats for tonight:

Exhaustion level: 7 (though this is basically my norm–somewhere between functioning and constantly wishing for a nap)

Tonight’s dinner: leftover pork, mixed veggies, brown rice

Did he eat it?! YES! The kid loves pork!

Post-dinner playtime moment: The bear ripping pages out of a magazine and feeding them to the dog. He thought it was absolutely hilarious, and the dog tolerated it well. He then sat down on his favorite toy (a drum), broke it, and happily played with the broken pieces. He will most likely be sad about this tomorrow.

Tantrums: 2, when I put him down on the floor for hitting me in the head after I told him “No!” and “ouch!” and when his toy phone started rolling on it’s wheels instead of upside down. Both resulted in crying on the floor for 5 mins/until held.

Rooms cleaned: 0

Loads of laundry: 0

Bed time for bear: 7:30

Bed time for mom: 9:00?

Stay tuned for more “single mom” shenanigans tomorrow!



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