Hurricane Mornings

Mornings in our house are hectic, to say the least. Every morning feels like a tornado from the time I wake up to when I sit down to my desk at work.

Here’s a rundown:

5:00am “Me Time” – A short half hour where I get to exercise, though I’d rather sleep. Unfortunately, this is the only time of day I can squeeze in some fitness.
*side note: This just started happening this week with t25, and may be deleted/replaced with sleep if baby boy continues to wake me up at 3-4am to nurse. This morning it was 4:15…

5:30-6:30?? Take a shower, brush my teeth, riffle through my closet to find something that fits/looks decent, dry and style my hair, do my makeup, and get 1/2 dressed (underwear, pants, bra, tank top). This may or may not be interrupted by a waking, hungry baby.

6:30-7:00 Feed Maxwell, change him and get him dressed for the day, lose the tooth brushing battle (honestly, what infant will actually let you brush their teeth?! If you have one, please enlighten me.), let the dog out/feed him, make up the bottles/lunch (hubs usually does this :)), shove cereal down our throats, make to-go cups of coffee, get the other 1/2 of myself dressed (shirt, socks, shoes), and keep baby boy happy/occupied in his high chair until we finish eating or he poops all over himself, whatever happens first.

7:00-7:20am Maxwell takes a huge poop that may or may not require a full change of clothes for him and whoever changed him.

7:20-7:30am Give a quick kiss goodbye and leave for work/daycare (usually at least 5 minutes late due to the above).

7:45-7:50am Arrive at daycare where, again, Maxwell might need a full change if he didn’t poop at home.

8:05-8:15am Sit down at my desk, take a deep breath, and attempt to keep my eyes open for the next 9 hours!!!!

When I get home it’s a bit more of the same, but I think you get the gist! Oye. Motherhood. So rewarding, yet so incredibly exhausting.



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