Sleething (Sleep + Teething) and Our Fur Baby

We have a tooth! No longer a gummy bear. Baby boy has been drooling A TON so we knew it was coming. When we picked him up from daycare and they told us he had one, we were still surprised because I hadn’t seen any other signs of it.

Just another sign that he is growing up right before our eyes. And it looks like another one is coming right next to it. Uhg. Can’t he just stay my little baby forever?

Progress was also made in the sleep department. We took another road trip up to NY for a wedding this past weekend and he slept through the night ALL 3 NIGHTS!! He also slept through the first night we got home. I thought we had reached a HUGE milestone, but, alas, last night he woke at 1:45am. Sigh. At least it was only once.

In other news, our first baby (Roni, the Australian shepherd) has REALLY bad anxiety ever since about the first or second month we had baby boy home. He does this weird nibble thing on all the couch and bed pillows/cushions/mattress, toys, basically anything available that is squishy. It’s very strange. We try to say “No!” and “Stop!” and even just call his name while he does it but it’s as if he is in a trance! He just keeps doing it until we physically pull him away. I’m pretty sure he is just starved for attention and misses being the only baby.

It doesn’t look as if it will get any better. We should probably take him to the vet. We feel like bad [dog] parents. He definitely does not get as much attention as he used to. Poor pup! I’ve thought about getting another dog so he has someone to play with. Friends have said this would help. I just need to convince my husband! 😀


Long Drives and Big Surprises

This past 4th of July weekend I happened to get an extra day off, so I had a 4 day weekend. We (well, mostly me. Took a lot of convincing my husband!) spontaneously decided to drive up to NY (10+ hours) to surprise our family. What a great idea! It was great, minus the driving/displacement.

Off we go!

Off we go!

We packed up the car (the dog came too!) and left Wednesday evening and got to central PA. We decided to stay there for the night and drive the last 3.5 hours in the morning. Fine. Our son did pretty well in the car and slept a lot of the time. We packed up the car and got to our final destination on Thursday around 12pm (my parents house) and everyone was so happy to see us! We told everyone (minus the in-laws, their surprise came later). They all came over to see us, and I got to eat one of my favorite pizzas. We went to my grandma’s house that evening, more people came over, we passed the baby around, and ate more food.

At least baby boy was happy after all that driving!

At least baby boy was happy after all that driving!

Friday we packed up the car again and left to head to the lake to surprise my in-laws. We had my brother-in-law take the baby in and pretend he found him on the side of the road! My father-in-law didn’t recognize his grandson, and thought he had another new grandson on his hands! Finally his wife (my husband’s step mom. I don’t know what to call her? Step-mother-in-law? Or just mother-in-law I guess) said “That’s Maxwell!” and we came down the road a few minutes later. By this point I was totally exhausted. The long drive, and then baby boy was up every 1-2 hours in the night. So, hubby and the fam went down on the dock, and I slept for 3 HOURS! Much needed. I felt better. We had dinner and they all went to a nearby winery while hubby and I stayed in with the baby. We were going to get in the hot tub, but alas, the baby started crying as soon as we were about to change into our suits. *sigh*

Fun down on the dock! 4th of July.

Fun down on the dock! 4th of July.

The next morning we packed up the car (again!) and left to go to my sister’s house for a cookout, but first stopped at a friend’s house for a bit. We got to my sister’s and ate more food, passed the baby around some more, and left that evening from there to start our trek back down to NC. We stayed in central PA again that night. Sunday morning we packed up the car for the last time and made it to NC around 4pm. The last hour of the trip was when we were all over being in the car! The baby fussed and cried the whole time. We were all so happy to be home, and all of us went to bed early, including the dog!

Home at last!

Home at last!

All in all, it was a fun trip, but all the driving and packing and unpacking got pretty old after a while! And we are doing it all again in a few weeks for a NY wedding. Whew. Hopefully we regain feeling in our butts by then from all that sitting in the car!

The Skinny

Since I had my baby 6 months ago, I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m talking more than baby weight. I now weight less than I did before I got pregnant. I know you’re probably thinking lucky you! or bitch. But it really isn’t all that great. I’m concerned.

My pants no longer fit. I look stupid in clothes. I have no ass, making it uncomfortable to sit down. I’m always tired and always hungry. And, as I posted before, can’t run very far anymore.

So I went to the doctor. I thought it was just from breast feeding/pumping, and that my baby was just taking all of my nutrients. I also figured I was just tired all the time because my baby still gets me up at least once a night. Well as it turns out, I most likely have hyperthyroidism. Which explains the weight loss, the tiredness, and the inability to run more than a single mile. Basically my thyroid is overactive, making my metabolism super fast and I have too much (or is it too little?) thyroid stimulating hormone, or TSH.

I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist, but I couldn’t get an appointment until mid-August–on my birthday. What fun! Until then, I guess I shouldn’t run, which sucks because I’m set to run a half marathon in October.

I did some research, and it turns out that this is common after pregnancy, and it could turn into hypothyroidism (basically the opposite) and then clear up on its own. I’m bittersweet about this find because a) I don’t want to gain a lot of weight, and b) I would be happy if it cleared up on its own, preferably soon.

So I guess I just have to wait and see. I should also probably stay off the internet, too, because now I think I might have cancer/am dying. My friend is going through the same thing, so I’m going to tell her to see her doctor. If you are going through something similar, I suggest you do too. Better safe than sorry!