My Week As A Single Mom: Day 6

I think I’m getting used to this exhausted thing, as I don’t feel as tired as when this week started out. Not sure if that’s a good thing though…

Day 6 was ok. I spent the day struggling to keep my eyes open at my day job, and in the evening went to my neighbors so she could help me with a father’s day project, and she was kind enough to feed me dinner too 🙂

Mom fail: I left my neighbor’s around 6:30 because baby boy was being fussy (I thought he was just tired since they said he didn’t nap AGAIN at daycare). I gave him a quick bath before feeding him and putting him to bed. He wasn’t happy in the tub like he normally is, but again I thought he was just tired. I nursed him and put him to bed around 7:15. I never checked his food/diaper/nap log from daycare until after I put him to bed. It was then I noticed he hadn’t eaten since 2:40! Poor thing was hungry, not tired (or maybe both?)!!! Major mom fail. I’ll be sure to read the log as soon as he gets home tonight.

One day left, and here’s where I’m at:

Exhaustion level: 8

Explosive diaper clean ups: 1.5 (carseat clean up is 0.5)

Times peed on:
me – 3 baby – 4

Times pooped on: 0.5 (I got some on my arm/hands, but not enough to warrant a full count)

Times spit-up on: too many

Days the dog has been neglected of play time: 1

Average times up during the night: 2

Naps (me, not baby):

Rooms cleaned:

Loads of laundry: 3

I think I’ve done pretty well! It wasn’t AS bad as I thought, but I would definitely still rather have hubby home to help me out if needed. I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow morning and by the time I get home from work he will be home! Victory is ALMOST mine!!!


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