My Week As A Single Mom: Day 5

Yesterday was fairly uneventful. I was up at 5, baby boy was up around 6:15. I dropped him at daycare (he was happily yelling the entire way there) and went to work.

My aunt-in-law picked him up from daycare to help me out. When he got home I took him out of his carseat to find quite a bit of dried poop in the seat! He must have done it that morning (which explains the yelling), as I left him in the seat at drop off because his teacher wasn’t there yet and another lady was watching him along with a handful of other older children. Thanks for letting me know/cleaning it! Ugh. I don’t love daycare, but alas, I have no choice.

Baby boy was also really tired and cranky, so I fed him and he went right to bed around 6! He usually goes down around 7:30. Luckily he slept well (still up for a feeding around 1 though), despite the very loud thunderstorm we had around 11:30!

Day 5 sanity:

Exhaustion level: 7.5 (I’ve been getting up at 5 to make sure I get ready for work before baby gets up. Tired!)

Explosive diaper clean ups: 1.5 (adding the carseat clean up as 0.5)

Times peed on:
me – 3 baby – 4 (all over himself this morning!)

Times pooped on: 0.5 (I got some on my arm/hands, but not enough to warrant a full count)

Times spit-up on: too many

Days the dog has been neglected of play time: 1

Average times up during the night: 2

Naps (me, not baby):

Rooms cleaned:

Loads of laundry: 3

2 days to go!!

In other news, I really want one of these puppies!! But probably shouldn’t, right? 😀




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