My Week As A Single Mom: Day 3

Today was a little rough, mainly because my son refused to nap, thus making us both exhausted. We went to a charity walk then to my neighbor’s for a cookout. I had a hard time having fun at the cookout because I was a) trying to keep him occupied and then b) trying to get him to nap with everyone around. Didn’t work out so well and we ended up leaving fairly early (they are still playing conrhole as I type).

So now here’s where I stand:

Exhaustion level:
12 (and I think I’m getting sick)

Explosive diaper clean ups: 1 – major poop today after eating almost an entire jar of squash yesterday! It was not pretty, but luckily he waited until after the walk.

Times peed on:
me – 2 baby – 3

Times pooped on: 0 (thankfully, so far)

Times spit-up on:
again, let’s not even keep track of this one

Days the dog has been neglected of play time: 1

Average times up during the night:

Naps: 1! He slept on me for his hour nap today; I took advantage/was seconds away from falling asleep while standing up anyway.

Rooms cleaned: 0

Loads of laundry: 2

Today was very tiring. I’m going to bed and it’s 8 o’clock. Hopefully tomorrow is better. 5 days to go…

20140607-200055-72055677.jpg<br /


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