Milk. It’s What’s for Dinner (and breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dessert)

I mentioned before that I might have over supply. Here’s proof of that:


We have pretty much no room left in our freezer for food because it’s full of breast milk! (Not that I’m complaining. I’m blessed enough to be able to give my baby the best nutrition possible, and I know many women aren’t able to do that) I got some free food boxes from BJs (hence the Bisquick, juice. and Jif labels) today to finally get it somewhat organized, though I’ll probably be screwed again in a month and need to redo it all once again!

This is all from April and May (we rotate out for daycare). Not sure where I will be putting this months supply…speaking of which, I need to go pump now because we were out running errands for several hours and now I’m full. See ya!


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