Being A Mom is Terrifying

For 9 months you worry and hope and pray that your baby will be ok. As soon as you see the positive result, you become a shield. You do everything you can to protect the little life growing inside you. You read books, forums, and ‘google it’ to make sure you aren’t doing or eating anything that might compromise the birth of your child. Even after he has successfully entered the world, you continue to worry. You will never stop worrying for the rest of your life.

All we can do is cherish every moment we have with our children, and thank God every day that they are healthy.

Some moms and dads aren’t so lucky. Lately it seems, and maybe this is because more and more of my friends are becoming moms, that there are more sad stories about children with disease, accidents, and abuse on social media than there have ever been. My heart aches with each post, but I can’t help but read them all. I just can’t imagine going through what these parents have gone and are going through. How they find the strength to continue on with their lives afterwards makes them all my heroes.

Some recent stories of note are:

This one about a 4 (recently 5) year old with a rare brain tumor. He passed away 2 days ago and inspired this post.

A mother whose water broke at 18 weeks, but she somehow made it to 25 only to have her baby die hours later.

Twin girls are born early when a mother develops a rare pregnancy-related cancer. She got to cuddle them days before her battle suddenly ended.

A 3 1/2 year old boy runs out to retrieve his frisbee and his hit by a truck and killed. His moms best friend shares his story here.

I could go on and on. This is why being a mom is terrifying.

I’m sorry if this post and the above made you sad, but I just couldn’t help it. I hug my baby every night and smell his little head and I am so happy he is here with me and I with him. I just can’t imagine anything like that happening to our family. If you are currently fighting a battle of your own, I am thinking of you. If you have already suffered, I am thinking of you. If something happens to you down the road, I will be thinking of you.

Hold them close. Play with them. Watch them. Kiss them. Love love LOVE them. Because you just never know God’s plan.




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